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With Equipment

All Safety Equipments will be provide, Training before Scuba diving, Pictures and Videos Recording During Diving.

AED 400 AED 350
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Without Equipment

Training before Scuba diving, Pictures and Videos Recording During Diving.

AED 250 AED 215
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  • First Dive : 10:00am during the day
  • Second Dive : 1:00pm at noon
  • Third Dive : 3:00pm

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The tour has the best and most dedicated staff to guide you through each and every step of the adventure. They are also skilled professionals that are highly paid to ensure your safety, hospitality and comfort.

The deals available are cheap and affordable for your budget that makes sure you and your company have the times of your life. The minimum age required is 12 years to go for a dive and there is a vast availability of quality and reliable equipments at your disposal.

Scuba Diving Timing

  • First Dive : 10:00am during the day.
  • Second Dive : 1:00pm at noon.
  • Third Dive : 3:00pm


  1. There is an option to cancel orders and incase of abrupt situations and a change of package. This can only be done within a 48 hour period so as not to incur further cancellation chargers.
  2. Citizens who face any medical ailments are not required to embark on this expedition to ensure maximum safety and precautions.
  3. The cash refund policy will not be applied at pick up points as fees are been paid per person. This is to ensure quickness and orderliness in payment schedules.
  4. We makes sure that a 300 meter depth of ocean depth is set for divers to ensure the safety precaution of tourists. It is also recommended that after extreme or long term diving sessions, the tourist is the advised to embark on an 18 hour flight.


Browsing through the website, you are sure to find a healthy list of affordable deals and other exciting packages for your diving pleasure that is sure to wish to return again.

The starting price is as low as AED 210 and is advised to be paid at least 24 hours prior to the time of departure. The price for diving gears and equipments are also available in all sizes for a charge of AED 86 and an extra AED 30 for a diving suit. They include fins, scuba tanks, gloves, wetsuits, regulators, dive computer, pressure gauges, snorkels and diving masks.


Maple Leaf makes booking methods fast, easy, and reliable for both new and old customers who want to have a taste of the Scuba diving experience. There is also an availability of flexible booking methods, cancellation and refund option, low to instant confirmation to kick start your holidays. This is designed to make sure that bookings and reservations are safe and responsive.

To learn more about method payments and how to get the necessary information on spending a quality time in the waters with, kindly contact the customer service numbers for more enquiries. +971523868741 or +971556569235.

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